I learned something new this week — the difference between concentration, meditation, and contemplation. And, given the flurry of “AI mania” (artificial intelligence) I wanted to revisit the ‘factory installed’ capabilities in each of us– and why they’re critically important as we navigate our wild new world.

Concentration = path of effort: rooted in the left hemisphere of the brain. 
Meditation = path of passive observation; rooted in the right hemisphere of the brain.
Contemplation = combination of concentration and meditation; rooted in the corpus callosum—the part of our brain that unites both hemispheres.   

So, no matter which path you take through the ‘magic funnel of discernment’, you’ll eventually arrive at clear seeing.

NOTE: Individuals commonly referred to as ‘neuro-divergent’ (ADHD, autistics, bi-polars and others) are those who operate from the unity of both their left and right brains. Albert Einstein, one of my favorite neuro-divergents (lol), operated this way.

True intelligence is the result of uniting our passion with our intellect—our heart with our mind– of “staying with problems longer” (as Einstein would often comment). AI has no heart. AI has no soul. You do.

So, remember to use/apply your intelligence in concert with ChatGPT, Jasper, or x, y, or z. Artificial intelligence (AI) is but one application of intelligence–intellectual intelligence– but intellect and intelligence are not the same.


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