I was at the beach last week. As a native islander (I was born and raised in Puerto Rico), the ocean is my main jam—my happy place—the place where I feel most grounded and connected to God, to others, and to the universe.  

Being somewhat disconnected from work, I clearly noticed the thoughts I was running through my mind. The rhythm of my days was attuned to nature— to the chickens outside—to the tides of the sea. I felt free. Happy. Creative. And then I flew back to Ohio. (lol). 

As we continue to navigate this new season of rapid changes it’s easy for our minds to become ensnared or frightened. When we feed our fears with media, environments, or people who reinforce it, we make things worse for ourselves and for others. When we nourish ourselves with conditions that align with our hearts, we make things better for ourselves and others, too. 

Remember, your thoughts are the ‘program’ that operates or runs you. What you imagine as real, is what is real for you. You decide if you’re going to imagine yourself in some terrible destiny, or on the shore of your dreams.  

In truth, if I close my eyes and put myself on that beach, I can run that beautiful ‘program’ anytime I feel anxious or overwhelmed. I can make it ‘my reality’, if even for a few minutes a day.

We are indeed entering a time of great transformation—for our planet, for society, and for ourselves. It is a time of endings. It is also a time of new beginnings. What is your hope for your future— what is the beach of your life?   

May these questions be the curiosity that dominate your thoughts this week. 


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