We all have them. I do. You do, too—the systemic flaws in our thinking that lead us into rabbit holes of experience.

The simplest way to see and experience this in real time is through meditation–by simply learning to observe your own mind you come to understand its nature.

Through this awareness, a pause or space is created where the ‘you’ who is witnessing this (your soul-self) can see, first-hand, the reasons and reasoning behind the way you operate in this world; the source code of your mind–which we seldom question.

If you like how you think and operate, no changes are necessary. However, if you wish to elevate your experience on earth, to experience it not through pain, illness, suffering, or contrast, but through sheer creativity, joy and love, then you’ll have to delete your faulty code (e.g. the limiting ideas that come from institutions and others) and replace it with new code– one written by the frequency of love–by God.

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