Have you ever noticed the sensation of feeling at peace? Of feeling free? Of knowing that no matter what happens ‘out there’, you’re perfectly okay in here?–within you.

Habits are behaviors– things we repeatedly do and also think; thinking about catastrophic things is a habit– fearing the worst is a habit—not trusting your inner-knowing is a habit, too. All of these are shared behaviors, by the way — we all do them. That being said, operating from a deficit narrative, which is an incomplete one, does not lead to coherence and harmony–only to more disharmony within ourselves.

You can, if you so choose, expand your habits repertoire to include habits that heal. Here’s a starter list:

  • practice gratitude
  • ask your body what it needs
  • look at every person and situation from the lens of ‘what’s this showing me?’
  • allow yourself to grieve (many of us have unaddressed grief)
  • ask for grace when you don’t know what to do
  • honor your curiosity
  • do work you love
  • put love in the work you do
  • laugh at yourself
  • smile at strangers
  • eat what feels good to your body
  • learn something new each day, week, or month
  • listen to calming sounds, people, and music
  • notice the sunrise
  • notice the sunset
  • notice your breath
  • travel–move your body
  • notice yourself
  • at least once a day tell yourself, “I love you

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