What would today be like if you tuned into your body and emotions instead of what’s happening out there, in the external world? 

How might you experience yourself if you decided to hold your pain or delight, or whatever emotion you’re keeping at bay as if you were holding a precious newborn in your arms—with profound tenderness, with curiosity, and with an open heart?  

It takes tremendous physical energy to ignore and resist our emotions—to keep them from flowing and informing us. Yet, our deepest knowing and intuitions are held in this sacred realm.  

You have this capacity already built in. We all do. Listening to ourselves means tapping into the deep wisdom hidden within–in our chronic pain and illnesses, in our suffering, in our fear, in our generational trauma, in our repetitive thought patterns. Listen to yourself.  

If and when you decide to tune into you—into your vast and unclaimed knowing, your life will change– and you will change the life of those around you with the gentlest, yet most powerful healing balm of all: love.  

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