My answer to this is always “YES!“. Being a human being is not an easy thing– and all of us (including therapists!) need a little help in grounding, understanding and re-orienting ourselves.

Please do not ‘think’ you have to do this (life!) alone. We need others who have seen and know– we need wise council and individuals who are professionally trained in methods that illuminate and equip us with new ‘operating software.

Personally, I’ve benefited greatly from the guidance of a number of therapists and from attending group sessions and workshops throughout my life. Being in a safe space to review things objectively and to see the linkages that are revealed when we consciously seek advice is transformational.

How do you know when you don’t need a therapist or counselor?

  1. you’re not interested in growing and learning;

2. you don’t wonder if you need one because you already know/understand that the answers you seek are all within you.

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