We all have problems. For some of us our problems are temporary. For some of us our problems are life-long.

Typically arising through someone or something external, we naturally embellish the problem with our own judgements, reactions, emotions, and thoughts. When re-lived, this recording spills into our present and brings forth painful memories which further deplete our energy and inhibit our flourishing.

Then, in order to resolve our discomfort, anger, confusion, or anxiety, we often lunge into tactics to appeal to, change, or somehow triumph over the offender or offense. If you’ve ever witnessed a dog chasing its tail, you may get a sense of where I’m going with this.

One of my favorite quotes about how humans “chase their tails” comes from Albert Einstein who reminded us that “we cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

So, what should we do instead? Ask yourself! Your Self will tell you! The problem (ha!) is that we seldom ask and don’t sit with the question long enough to hear/feel/perceive the answer– which will come from somewhere down in your gut, not from your regular mind.

If you want to be a true problem-solver, you have to go underneath it–underneath the tail, and underneath the floor, even– underneath the visible into the invisible realm of your own wisdom— which make no mistake, it’s God’s/Divinity’s wisdom, not really ‘yours’– you’re simply accessing it (and this access is open to all!).

While it’s common to chase our tail to correct transgressions or the physical symptoms of anything, we don’t overcome problems or hardships this way– we actually perpetuate them.

Therefore, to let go of something we see as a problem is not the result of weakness or arrogance, but the profound consequence of accessing your own power and wisdom. We overcome problems when we gratefully release them because we realize they’re no longer ours to hold.


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