Establishing a new foundation in the direction towards flourishing can be done at any age or point in our lives. One way to start is by considering the following:

1. the basis or belief that’s informing our direction; and
2. how we feel about the basis or belief.

I call #1 verification and #2 authentication.

Our beliefs and convictions create our experienced reality. When we take the time to pause and question ourselves about the basis of our convictions, we often find that our thoughts or beliefs may no longer be relevant or true– in fact, they may be obsolete. What was operationally true for us when we were 15, or 35, or yesterday, may no longer be valid today. And if so, what is true? How do you know what is true for you— right now– in this moment?

Authenticating is a separate but related point of awareness. It invites you into contact with your emotional landscape and therefore, a deeper discernment. How do the beliefs and thoughts you hold feel, and what new thoughts do these emotions generate? Do they reinforce fear, judgement, or limitation in you? Or, do the thoughts/beliefs inspire, elevate, or expand you– do they make you smile?

This is an exploration that invites our built-in, multi-sensory awareness into action. It helps you expand your own intelligence through the awareness of your own intelligence! (this is not a typo!). “You’re smarter than you think!” (Winnie-the-Pooh/A.A. Milne)– and you indeed are! We all are.

When we operate from a stance of trust in ourselves and reliance*, we observe, we allow, we wade. We come to see and know that the best idea or direction will emerge and become self-evident so that we can create and execute wisely — (and not spin our wheels!)

While abandoning old beliefs and changing your mind is the most intelligent decision any of us can make, it’s terribly scary, too– especially in professional environments. But imagine if they were! — we would realize efficiencies, creativity, and solutions that the mind could not have imagined.

Emotional intelligence (e.g. emotional data) is often the missing data point for bringing us into alignment with our unique gifts and contributions. Supporting others through the process of feeling, discerning, and authenticating feelings and the new ideas that authenticating generates is how we flourish– it naturally emerges from the inside-out.

*reliance – recognizes inter-dependence with others and the environment
Essence Glossary, (2014) Porrata & Pretti-Frontczak


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