At least once a week, I think about all the people who had a direct role in my growth and development. For many of us, this list is long. From our parents to life-long teachers and mentors, those who intentionally inspired our flight into purposeful action are among the greatest humans in our midst.

But consider this: even those who dampened our feathers and spirits had a hand in fueling our deepest desires because it forced us to grow beyond our own confines, right?

Even knowing this, so many of us are ensnared in obsolete programming– we still need the contrast, or the pain, or the chaos, to learn, to study, and to understand what life means for us.

In truth, everyone and everything around you can be a teacher and inspirer. What stands in the way of this ‘permission’ is our willingness to hold contrast, and to see wholly and fully– to simply observe the ebb and flow of our own lives.

Here’s a simple practice for ‘giving credit’:

– Give yourself credit for every single time you failed.
– Give yourself credit for rising each and every time.
– Repeat until there’s no difference in how you perceive these currents– for they are one of the same flow– the flow of you.

This is the debt we collectively owe ourselves. Can you forgive yourself? Can you give yourself some credit? Can you loan yourself some time and space to inventory your journey? Your openness and willingness to undertake this exploration will help you see with less occlusions — to see life with new eyes!

If and when you do, life will reward you with compounded interest. I know this sounds cheesy, but my teachers and mentors did not lie.

2 responses to “Giving credit”

  1. Laurie Simms Avatar
    Laurie Simms



    1. Mayra Porrata Avatar

      Thank you for reading– grateful to know this resonated with you!


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