The search for “intelligent forms of life” has always fascinated and captivated my attention. I often wonder, what would we do then?

If something foreign, mysterious, and potentially dangerous came upon us, how would we actually approach it? What would be our stance or response to such an intelligence?

In 1999, I gave birth to my first-born daughter Serena. From the time she was old enough to talk she captivated my mind and heart. Her genetic ‘disorder’ (cystic fibrosis), as well as her awareness of the subtle world and energy around us, prompted me to study energy medicine and eventually become a Reiki Master. Her innate passion for biology introduced me to a science and a language I never formally studied, yet somehow understood (as least from a system’s perspective).

On December of 2018, I stood on stage at the Cleveland State University commencement ceremony to accept her posthumous degree in biology. Although my precious daughter passed away from this Earth at age 19, she passed on uncommon knowledge– the kind of knowledge that can only be accessed through one force; love.

Perhaps it is precisely because of my own journey with the “intelligent form of life” that was my beautiful daughter, that I see differently. I’m no longer confined to what I once learned in school, or in a book, but to the nature of life itself.


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