When gratitude becomes a living lens and deeply entrenched way of life, it is not necessary to write about it or keep lists. Until it does, journaling is a masterful tool.

I’m only saying this because I’ve experienced this to be true. I’m only saying this because the year I released my first gratitude journal, 2018, my first-born daughter lost her battle with cystic fibrosis. Perhaps gratitude somehow ‘prepared me’ to deal with the unimaginable depth of my grief– grief that only a mother can know.

Although I did not release a Gratitude Yearbook in 2021, a new one is available for 2022 (via Amazon). While it may not be your cup-of-tea to journal a little about what you found most precious each day, for those who do, I can promise you it is a life-affirming and transformative practice.


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