The phrase ‘the work of trueness‘ comes by way of long-time colleague and dear friend Jeff Brunson. His wise insights and broad knowledge has yielded numerous essays, books, initiatives, and projects which have influenced some of my own work in personal leadership and health education.

In 2015 or so, Jeff began a podcast series for leaders focused on the notions of “passion, purpose, and presence”. In 2016, I was one of his guests.

Revisiting my own words from 2016, I see the impacts and life-changing effects that my focus on ‘presence’ had in both my personal and professional life, and the even deeper awareness and shifts that simple presence brought just a few years later. So, I share this background to express this: If you ever lose your way or become ensnared in your own fear, please don’t give up– remember your passion, recommit to your purpose, and follow the wise leadership of your own inner-knowing.

What is your “work of trueness?”– what is the highest expression of the love your work is meant to generate or embody? Remember, the world needs each of us to ‘be and do‘ just that!

My conversation with Jeff and his colleague Ric is here:
Jeff’s wonderful books, including The Rhythm of Trueness are available here:
Jeff’s website is here


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