Once upon a time (not so long ago), hearing birds singing at 4:30 am meant that my night and sleep would soon be ending.

Given the realities of modern, interrupted sleep, it was definitely not a good feeling. I was resentful, even angry at the birds for being so darn loud! I wanted my night to go on– I wanted to shelter-in-place, in bed, and to drown out any external sounds with some sound sleep instead.

There are times, in all our lives, when we must retreat and drown out anything that is incoherent with out body’s state– of tiredness, of anxiety, of constant worry, of “fill-in-the-blank”. The human condition has many flavors and experiences that demand our undivided attention.

To rest our body and especially our minds are not luxuries, but necessities for living joyfully. Challenging times and their accompanying states of mind are always an invitation to listen, to learn, to integrate, and heal.

And then, there are times when hearing the birds at 4:30 am means that night is nearly over and your day and its playful discoveries will soon be starting. Effectively, it’s a wake-up call align with life and nature itself and to tune into its profoundly beautiful rhythm.

Whether you hear this at 4:30 am or at midnight, may this brief recording of my “morning birds” bring a gentle wave of sweetness to inspire your heart and remind you that you too are part of this beautiful song.

Morning Birds, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, April 2021


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