I recently received a solicitation email about building my own chatbot. I was sincerely flabbergasted. Yet, personally, I know a number of individuals whose jobs have been ‘outsourced’ to chatbots. Is this good or bad for business, society, health, and well-being? We are all observing and learning together– that’s for sure!

I recently wrote about ‘humane humans as a necessary ingredient or resource for creating better institutions and organizations. There are nuances of intelligence (e.g. awareness, intuition, imagination, creativity, etc.) that are not binary. As such, I’m sincerely curious to see ‘if’ humanizing a chatbot can ever be truly well done….(although, now recalling Martine Rothblatt’s “Bena48”; a prototype of many more to come.)

Artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer, Marvin Minsky, was once quoted as stating that “emotional intelligence is an evolved way of thinking” and something that we had yet to ‘crack the code on’, if you will.

Can a chatbot ever replace the tenderness and complexity of a warm human heart? Will a chatbot ever embody the intelligence of a soul? If they do, perhaps it will be ‘they/them’ who will teach us how to become better humans.


2 responses to “Humanizing a chatbot”

  1. […] There are distinct conditions and even qualities between humane and inhumane beings. Many of these qualities have been defined throughout history from spiritual, religious, philosophical, or psychological view points. The graphic below offers a summation of the chief qualities of a humane person (or chatbot!) […]


  2. AI is only as I as the I – The Flourishing Way Blog Avatar

    […] of performing, is not the same as real emotional reflection— or is it? As I wrote in this piece, perhaps it is machines/AI who will one day show us to ourselves. Until that time, it is imperative […]


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