False Labor

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There’s a subtle awareness, maybe you’ve sensed it too, that it’s possible to work really hard on the wrong thing.

By the ‘wrong thing’, I mean something that despite your honorable efforts failed to produce the rewards you thought “it” would deliver. Instead of feeling elated and liberated, you feel foolish, exhausted, and depleted– hopefully humbled, too.

Anytime we allow anyone or anything to “take our time and energy”, it’s important to note if there’s any part of us that’s saying “NO!”.

This wise ‘knowing’ is our internal compass, our Higher-Self, the voice of God, the Holy Spirit, our “gut, the Universe, whatever name you assign to the part of you that co-exists outside your rational, binary mind. Listen to this. Trust it. It will save you much time and unnecessary labor.

When you say “yes” to anything that’s not fully and completely aligned with that wise part of you, you generate ‘unnecessary roughness‘ (like the football term). In other words, you’re intentionally using your head in the wrong way.

True, authentic labor comes from the depths of one’s heart and soul, not the rational mind. The rational mind is for executing the process, not its conception.

While you’re here, on Earth, in this life, your time and energy are yours to squander or to put towards the ‘production’ and co-creation of things you actually love– anything short of that is going to break your heart.


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