Being There

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When I was a teenager, my dad and I watched the movie ‘Being There’. To this day, I see how its precious plot and timeless theme still perfumes my own life. (*Thank you, Dad)

When I first watched this movie, I couldn’t understand how anyone would ever ‘think’ that Chance was who ‘they’ thought he was. Thanks to learning and understanding how circumstance and psychological projection work, I see how and why this movie (and book) still circle in my heart like a loving and gentle reminder to just be and to allow others their own space and time.

In truth, “being there” is the most noble and simple thing we can ever do for another human being– it does not require special training, a college or advanced degree.

What it does require is our radical honesty and presence- that’s all. To be able to hold space for another, whether you agree with them or not, whether you even understand their battle or not, is an advanced skill.

Gratefully, I have witnessed that ‘being there’ is a choice and aptitude; one that is accessible to anyone who desires to know themselves and the nature of life itself.


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